Watch Eva Longoria and Jimmy Fallon Practice "The Components of a Good Telenovela"

Eva Longoria Jimmy Fallon - H

The gasp. The stare. The slap.

Eva Longoria taught Jimmy Fallon a thing or two about starring in a telenovela.

The Telenovela actress visited the Tonight Show host on Friday to show him three actions that make up a drama-filled show.

"The moment is the gasp, the stare and the slap," Fallon said to the former Desperate Housewives star. "Well, those are the components of a good telenovela," Longoria explained.

Longoria performed each of the actions first as Fallon emulated her. "Hola Jimmy," she began. "Hola Eva," he mouthed to a deep-voiced voiceover. The pair then practiced the stare down and gasp before Longoria showed audiences the infamous slap, first with her hand and then with a frying pan.

Telenovela premieres Monday, Dec. 7 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Watch the video below.