Watch the Farrelly Brothers Send Their First Tweet (Video)

A new video chronicles the "Hall Pass" directors' attempt at trying to communicate using the social media website.

Hall Pass directors Peter and Bobby Farrelly partnered with spoof site Funny or Die to film their first encounter with social networking site Twitter.

In a segment titled "The Virgin Tweet," the brothers visit the Twitter headquarters to post their inaugural tweet.

"The timing had nothing to do with the release of their film Hall Pass, which just happened to open that same day at midnight," the text says in the video. When the directors announce they're going to tweet Alyssa Milano, another title card snarks, "Yes, the same Alyssa Milano who's in Hall Pass."

However, the venture turns out to be a greater challenge than the duo anticipated, as they struggle to understand the various steps that go into composing and sending a tweet.

"I'm getting nervous," Bobby mutters as they set up their account.

They end up writing to Milano, "will you please give us permission to follow you? Pete & Bobby."

The duo then puzzles over whether the tweet needs to be sent or is already "in there." A staff member eventually steps in to guide Pete through the process of using the mouse pad to hit "tweet."

After posting the request, the brothers grin proudly, shake hands and announce, "There it is. We're tweetin'! We're hip!"

Unfortunately, the hardest part comes next: waiting for a response.

"How long do you think we'll wait here?" Bob adds. "Weeks? Months?"

"She may not give it," Pete points out.

Luckily, Milano didn't make them wait too long. The following day, she replied, "You have my permission. Just don't be creepy about it."