Watch the 'Fifty Shades'-Inspired Lube Ad Playing in Theaters

50_Shades_of_Pleasure_Trailer_Spoof_Still - H 2015

50_Shades_of_Pleasure_Trailer_Spoof_Still - H 2015

"I just wanted it to be more like the book," says a woman in a 15-second spot for Trojan's lubricants and vibrators running before R-rated movies over the next few weeks.

Trojan is just one of the companies looking to capitalize on the Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy.

The condom brand has created a 15-second trailerlike ad, as well as a longer spot, in which a couple struggle to try and replicate the BDSM best-seller in their bedroom. Both commercials are designed to promote Trojan's lubricants and vibrators.

The trailer is running in 900 movie theaters across the country before R-rated movies, including Fifty Shades of Grey, Thursday night through March 5. That short clip invites moviegoers to check out a longer version at

The trailer features onscreen text and dialogue that makes it sound like the couple are talking about the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. "Everybody's been waiting for it," reads the first title card.

"I just wanted it to be more like the book," says a woman. As suspenseful music plays, her spouse makes a crack about "fifty shades of lumbar strain" as the therapist across from them makes a face.

In the full ad, the couple tell their therapist how they tried to re-create some of the scenes from the book, but things went a bit awry, particularly since the male half of the pair didn't read the book, so he improvised.

He accidentally hits himself in the face with a whip while his partner, wearing a blindfold, falls off the bed while she's trying to see if he's OK. He dresses up like a ninja in an attempt to be mysterious and surprising, but she reacts as if he's an intruder and kicks him in the head.

They struggle to assemble a sex swing, and he chooses her mother's name as his safe word.

"You two are so focused on what you think you're supposed to do that you've forgotten who you're supposed to be," the therapist tells them.

After they realize they should just be themselves, things start to heat up. The ad promotes using Trojan lubricants and vibrators as a way to "get out of the 'grey' area, into more than 50 shades of real pleasure."

The longer ad, titled "Fifty Shades of Real Pleasure," was directed by Girl Code writer, director and co-executive producer Laura Murphy.