Watch 'Force Majeure' Director Break Down After Not Receiving Oscar Nomination

Swedish Director Freak out Still - H 2015

Swedish Director Freak out Still - H 2015

Ruben Ostlund is not pleased when he finds out that his movie won't be up for an Academy Award for foreign-language film.

When Sweden's Force Majeure did not receive an Academy Award nomination for best foreign-language film, director Ruben Ostlund and producer Erik Hemmendorff captured their disappointment on video.

In the clip, Ostlund and Hemmendorff anxiously await the announcement of all the Oscar nominations from a New York City hotel. When their film is not announced, cursing and man-crying ensues.

Outlets are speculating that the video was staged and is actually a prank made by the Force Majeure team. The movie went on to win the best foreign-language film award at the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday night.