Watch General Patton Die in 'Silence Patton' Trailer (Exclusive)

Silence Patton Still - H 2014

The documentary will explore conspiracy theories about the mysterious death of the controversial war hero

Filmmakers have released the first trailer for Silence Patton, a documentary about the mysterious death of Gen. George Patton.

The trailer, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, shows a recreation of Patton on his deathbed. The controversial general died Dec. 21, 1945, due to complications from what some consider a bizarre vehicular accident that may not, in fact, have been accidental.

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Patton made many enemies, not only in Nazi Germany but also in the U.S. and in the former Soviet Union. His death shortly after the close of World War II, therefore, has fueled theories that he was murdered.

In his movie, writer-director Robert Orlando explores the possibility that Patton was indeed killed, perhaps by Communist sympathizers, and was therefore the "first victim of the Cold War."

The film also spends a good deal of time on Patton's heroism and genius on the battlefield during WWII.

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The trailer includes footage of then-Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Silence Patton, due next yearis executive produced by John Sullivan, who co-directed Dinesh D'Souza's debut film, 2016: Obama's America, as well as the follow-up, America