Watch George Harrison's Son Live the California Dream in Oliver Peoples' New Short Film

Courtesy of Oliver Peoples
Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison hits the road in the eyewear brand’s ‘70s-inspired campaign, ‘Dreaming of Ojai.’

Inspired by the idyllic bohemian culture of Southern California's treasured Ojai Valley, Oliver Peoples' 2016 campaign film is the perfect backdrop for thenewno2 musician and film composer Dhani Harrison's film debut.

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In the short, titled Dreaming of Ojai, George Harrison's only child stars alongside model Sidney Williams in modeling shades and eyewear from Oliver Peoples' newest collection. Set to an eerie score, which Harrison composed himself, the film shows the shaggy pair rolling through the sunny streets in an open jeep and lounging around a sprawling mansion tucked away in the California hills. Not too shabby.

Watch the full film below.