Watch Gigi Hadid Play an Oscar-Winning Actress in Short Film 'Those Wrecked By Success'

Gigi Hadid Those Wrecked By Success - H

Hadid plays herself in the seven-minute film.

Gigi Hadid is adding actress to her resume of talents.

The model made her film debut in Sebastian Faena's short film Those Wrecked By Success, which he shot in collaboration with V Magazine.

Hadid plays herself as an Oscar-winning actress who wakes up the morning after the Academy Awards to multiple calls (which she ignores) in her empty Hollywood Hills mansion.

She walks around her house and in her yard, reads the newspaper (adorned with her face on the front page) and dives into her pool, all while contemplating the night before and her life in general. She does not speak once in the seven-minute film (aside from her acceptance speech, which is looped over the footage).

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Hadid's character is described on V's website as "Going through the motions and daily monotony of an otherwise unchanged life — different and yet impossibly the same — our heroine hides form the world as she wanders her Hollywood mansion and memories past, contemplating the nature of success and what truly happens when you get everything you've ever wanted."