Watch 'Hunger Games' Cast Sing in New Bad Lip Reading Videos


Katniss and Peeta perform as The Obsidiots

Bad Lip Reading released a new The Hunger Games: Catching Fire parody, and it is absolutely hilarious. In the video, we get to see Katniss blame Gale for stealing her yellow fanny pack, Peeta ask for a car made out of dead folks and Gale reveal he is on a cardboard diet. 

Effie gets a quick musical number in the clip, as Katniss also sings and Gale treats us to a bit of humming. At the end, Peeta and Katniss start a band called The Obsidiots. Bad Lip Reading made a bonus video featuring the District 12 tributes performing their pop song "Choo Choo Go." Watch both of the videos below.

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