Watch Jack Quaid Star in 'Blood, Sweat & Activewear' Web Series (Exclusive)

Blood Sweat and Activewear_Jack Quaid_Still - H 2016
Screengrab/Sweat NSK

Blood Sweat and Activewear_Jack Quaid_Still - H 2016

The series sees the 'Vinyl' star as a quirky, juice-loving salesperson, working with his clueless friends and trying to run Brentwood boutique Sweat NSK.

Vinyl's Jack Quaid (the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid) and the rest of the Sasquatch Sketch comedy group, Nick Williams, Zach Webber and Danny Jolles, team up for a three-part web series Blood, Sweat & Activewear, in which they're seen running a women's activewear boutique in order to repay drug-related debts. The group also will appear in Ryan's directorial debut Ithaca, starring Tom Hanks, out later this year. 

Below, the guys talk about filming the web series and wearing women's leggings.

Why did you want to film you web series with Sweat NSK?

Jack QuaidWe thought that a women's activewear store would be a fun setting for a web series. I don't think I've ever seen that before. 

Zach Webber: There is nothing more hilarious than four weird dudes selling women's clothing.

Danny JollesWe've always talked about partnering with a brand, and we enjoyed how cool the Sweat NSK store was, and all the freedom they gave us. We made a super fun series that we are really proud of. 

What was it like working with Sasquatch inside a women's activewear store?

Quaid: It was hilarious. It's just the least likely place that I think you'd find us in our normal lives and to spend that much time in such an unlikely place made for a surprisingly fun time. 

Nick Williams: As far as comedic material goes, I don't think you can do much better than throwing dudes who know nothing about activewear into a room that is wall-to-wall full of it.

JollesI spent most of my time in that space making sure nobody spilled coffee on a piece of clothing. These are really nice clothes and sets are chaotic. Everything there was stretchy. No matter how it looked, it stretched. That's crazy.

Webber: Sweat NSK, the store itself, is what I would have shown you if you told me to create a location in which Sasquatch would be out of our element. It's such a well-crafted, quaint store and we're such a messy pile of goofs. It's the best. A lot of laughs came from just that.

We have to ask…how did it feel wearing women's clothing?

Quaid: Tight and breezy. 

Williams: Honestly, I was surprised with how comfortable it was considering my size. However, apart from being full-blown naked on that set, I'm not sure there is anything that feels more vulnerable than doing a scene in leggings and a mesh shirt. 

Jolles: That's a Nick question as he lived in those things the whole time. As an outsider, he never looked better. 

Webber: I can tell you how it felt to see Jack and Nick's butts so intimately. Good, because I was proud they felt such physical freedom, and bad, because now I know far too well the exact outline of their whole bodies.

You all filmed Ithaca together. What was that like?

QuaidThough I was never on the set of Ithaca when Danny, Nick and Zach were, it was such a pleasure to see them onscreen when I saw the final cut. After doing so much sketch comedy with them, it was so cool to see them do something so different. I've got some talented friends. I already knew that but their performance in the movie really blew me away.

Williams: Ithaca was a complete dream. I never thought in a million years that our online shenanigans would lead to doing scenes with Sam Shepard. Plus, I got to cross one of the dreams off my "Actor Bucket List" when we did a scene in a rain machine. Working with the other Sasquatch guys in something of that scale was so much fun. We got to be complete goofs in a movie that is incredibly poignant and beautiful and Meg let us have a lot of fun with the parts. I'm very proud to be comedic relief in such an incredible movie.

JollesIthaca was incredible. We're also doing a series with Fusion called Internet History and we film our first season in a couple weeks and we love it too. And we do a live show once a month at the Westside Comedy Theater that's always super fun. 

Blood, Sweat & Activewear officially goes live June 1 on sweatNSK.comWatch episode 1 below, as the boys try to figure out what exactly athleisure is at Sweat NSK.