Watch Jacob Tremblay Show Off His Red-Carpet Looks on 'Conan'

Jacob_Tremblay_Conan - H 2016
Screengrab/Team Coco

Jacob_Tremblay_Conan - H 2016

The 9-year-old star of 'Room' has perfected the "Blue Steel," "Canadian Bacon" and "Maple Syrup."

Derek Zoolander doesn't have anything on Jacob Tremblay.

The breakout star of Room turned on the charm on Thursday's episode of Conan when he visited the late-night show to talk about his experience on the red carpet this awards season.

When the host complimented the young actor for being well-dressed, Tremblay replied, "It makes me feel like the secret agent James Bond," adding that he enjoyed walking red carpets "and doing very cool poses."

The 9-year-old Canadian actor then proceeded to show Conan O'Brien three of his best looks — "Blue Steel," "Canadian Bacon" and "Maple Syrup" — taking a page out of Derek Zoolander's book and jokingly striking the same pose for each (as Mugatu would say: "Blue Steel? Ferrari? Le Tigre? They're all the same face!").

Watch Tremblay strike a pose in the video below.