Watch Jake Gyllenhaal's Film Debut

"Source Code"

The actor, whose sci-fi thriller "Source Code" opens Friday, appears a bit embarrassed when "Good Morning America" shows clips of him at age 11 playing Billy Crystal's son in "City Slickers."

A day before Jake Gyllenhaal hits theaters with the sci-fi thriller Source Code, a packaged video of clips from his film debut, City Slickers, began making the rounds online.

At age 11, Gyllenhaal played Billy Crystal's son in the 1991 hit movie.

The video likely began circulating likely thanks to Gyllenhaal's appearance Thursday on ABC's Good Morning America, which surprised the actor by playing some clips from the movie during his interview.

Gyllenhaal appeared a bit embarrassed about the clips and at one point put his head in his hands as they were shown.

Since appearing in City Slickers, Gyllenhaal has gone on to become an A-list star as well as an Oscar nominee, for 2005's Brokeback Mountain.

In Source Code, Gyllenhaal stars opposite Michelle Monaghan as a soldier who gets sent back in time to relive the final eight minutes before a train bombing to identify the bomber and prevent a bigger attack. Read The Hollywood Reporter's review here.