Watch James Franco Smear Peanut Butter on Himself in a Tutu Because the Internet Told Him To

James Franco in the Google hangout

People want to see him doing really weird stuff

No one can accuse James Franco of not being a good sport.

On Saturday, the actor took part in a Google hangout for Paper magazine called #MakeJamesDo, where he did whatever fans asked him to. And yes, things got messy.

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"I'm an actor, and maybe I do crazy things, or you think I do crazy things, so this is your chance to make me do whatever you want," Franco said at the start. "And we'll see if you do any better with me."

The requests were initially rather tame but kept getting weirder, as Franco was asked to eat a chicken sandwich while impersonating a cannibalistic Tweety Bird, pet kittens while wearing leather gloves and put peanut butter on his face so that it could be licked off.

Observe the bizarre proceedings in the video below. 

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