Watch Jarrett Hill Take On the Trump-Clinton Forum

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The journalist, who was the first to famously accuse Melania Trump of lifting passages from Michelle Obama during the RNC, hosts a discussion on the 'Commander-in-Chief Forum.'

Jarrett Hill, who was on Twitter sitting at a Starbucks when he realized Melania Trump was saying words from a 2008 speech from Michelle Obama, is a contributor for The Hollywood Reporter and host of Countdown to Election Night With Jarrett Hill.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were in the same room, at different times, addressing how they would steer the country, for the first time during the general election on NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum Wednesday.

During the televised back-to-back sit-down hosted by Matt Lauer, the candidates, before an audience of veterans assembled by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, addressed issues of significance for service members.

In what felt short, if not rushed, each had a half hour with NBC News' Lauer to make their case and answer a handful of questions from veterans. Overall, the candidates didn't make any major headlines with their answers (or non-answers) or their plans (or lack thereof).  

There were a lot of questions that were never really addressed. Veterans and active-duty service members' issues were front and center, but there was an overt lack of discussion around domestic issues for vets when they return home from service abroad — most notably homelessness.

The hour prompted heavy criticism for the Today host's performance but also came out as a ratings success, with fast national returns from Nielsen reported at 10.8 million viewers.

The Hollywood Reporter introduced a new series, Countdown to Election Night With Jarrett Hill, on Facebook Live after the forum. THR senior writer Seth Abramovitch and Matthew Craffey, president of the Log Cabin Republican of Los Angeles, discussed the candidates, the highlights and what to expect in the upcoming debates.

Tune in below, and chime in on what you'd like to hear discussed in the next edition.


THR’s Countdown to Election Night with Jarrett Hill starts now. Tune in for a breakdown of the Commander-in-Chief Forum!

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday, September 7, 2016