Billboard Music Awards: Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled Put on Dazzling Performance of "Dinero"

A video of Cardi B replaced the rapper since she wasn't able to attend.

A lot of bling, a lot of style, some kick-ass dancing and a whole lotta cash flying around punctured the TV premiere of Jennifer Lopez's, DJ Khaled's and Cardi B’s “Dinero" at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday.

Although there was no Cardi (a black-and-white video of her rapping came up for her part of the song), Lopez decidedly was able to carry things out on her own in a slightly modified version of “Dinero” that was ridiculously fun to watch. DJ Khaled did the introductory honors from a separate stage, where he sat on a couch surrounded by mounds of cash and stacks of gold bullions.

Surrounded by a battalion of male dancers, all dressed in 1920s garb, J.Lo pirouetted in wide white pants and a sparkly corset that later gave way to a white zoot suit and matching hat.

Watch J.Lo's and Khaled's "Dinero" performance above.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.