Watch JetBlue Guy Rap

"I'm Steven Slater, bitches!"

JetBlue guy Steven Slater raps in his first ad for, a website that asks travelers to submit their craziest in-flight stories.

"My name is Steven Slater/and I'm no longer blue. Now don't be a hater/because you never flew," rhymes Slater, who stormed off a plane via the exit slide after fighting with a passenger last August. He was later charged with two felonies.

"500,000 miles in a little tin can/maintaining your smiles for the unpleasant man," he goes on. "My legal fees are paid by the dot-com biz."

He ends with, "I'm Steven Slater, bitches!"

Slater's rep Howard Bragman told The Hollywood Reporter earlier he was contemplating multiple offers, including a reality show.