Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger Brainstorm New 'Apprentice' Catchphrases

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The 'Tonight Show' host's favorite? "You're fired: Get to the choppa!"

Before Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over hosting duties on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, he stopped by The Tonight Show for some of Jimmy Fallon's catchphrase advice.

He first walked onstage with an injured leg, which he joked was due to a "pedicure mishap": "I haven't been this swollen since I was pregnant in Junior."

Fallon responded immediately with his Schwarzenegger impression, which impressed the action star. "There is no one that does my accent better than you," he told the host. "If I want to sound like me, I imitate you."

On Apprentice, Schwarzenegger said people will be "very surprised" when it returns Jan. 2. Fallon had some ideas for the host's new catchphrase to replace Trump's famous "You're fired," including "Hasta la vista, baby" and "You won't be back." The idea that made both laugh? "You're fired: Get to the choppa!"

Later, they participated in the show's "Snapchat Interviews," in which Fallon and Schwarzenegger answered questions on certain topics through the app's filters.

Fallon asked the action star what he wants for Christmas, to which Schwarzenegger replied (in the puppy filter, trying not to laugh) that he asked for a "six-piece toaster."

"I'm having a great time with this, can we do this all night?" asked Schwarzenegger, laughing at each filter Fallon chose for him.

Watch the video below.