Watch Jimmy Fallon Slap Jason Statham So Hard He Falls off a Chair

Statham Fallon - H 2015

Statham Fallon - H 2015

The 'Tonight Show's' slaphappy version of blackjack is filled with bluffing, trash talk and giant prosthetic hands.

Jimmy Fallon and Jason Statham played one of The Tonight Show's favorite recurring games: slapjack — like blackjack, except the winner of each round gets to slap the loser with a giant prosthetic hand.

Fallon won two rounds, smacking Statham so hard that the action star fell out of his chair.

After Statham toppled over, Fallon freaked out, insisting: "That's not true! I didn't hit him that hard. I did not hit you that hard! This is ridiculous. This is a foam hand."

"Call the chiropractor," Statham instructed someone offscreen.

Watch the whole game below, including Fallon's impersonation of the British actor.