Watch Jodie Foster Dodge George Clooney, Julia Roberts Pay Questions

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP
Jodie Foster

In a BBC interview during the Cannes Film Festival, she also discusses "gender psychology."

Jodie Foster unveiled financial drama Money Monster, starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts as TV news folks, in Cannes earlier this week.

In an at-times awkward interview with BBC arts editor Will Gompertz, the filmmaker discussed her views on the news business and gender issues in the film industry while dodging questions about the pay for her stars.

Discussing how journalism has changed with technology and social media, Foster said, “News is trying to compete with ratings and trying to entertain, and I think that’s really quite dangerous for news.” She added, “I think it is complicit” and “corrupted by the needs of the audience.”

Gompertz later asked if Clooney and Roberts received equal pay for the movie. “Huh?,” she responded. “I would never tell you how much” they made. The BBC interviewer then says that he was trying to do his job as a journalist and ask questions, a key theme of the movie, and she wasn’t helping him. Responded Foster: “I’m not. You’re right.” Why? “I choose not to,” she explained.

Addressing the lack of female directors in the film industry, Foster said: “It’s like race psychology. It’s a gender psychology.”

Watch the whole exchange below.