Watch Justin Timberlake Poke Fun at Himself in Unaired 'SNL' Sketch

The actor-singer mocks his own career while playing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who gets laughed at when he decides to become an actor.

Justin Timberlake shows he has a sense of humor about himself in an unaired Saturday Night Live sketch.

In the sketch, Timberlake, who hosted the NBC show on Saturday, plays Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the "largest music star" in 1780s Austria who gets mocked when he announces his decision to take a break music from and pursue an acting career.

"Surely you're joking," someone says. "You're not one of those musicians who think they can act?"

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Timberlake as Mozart then says he's about to appear in a new "com-rom" play about a man and a woman who are friends and decide to "romantic benefits" (a reference to Timberlake's upcoming Friends With Benefits).

"Oh like that one that just came out a few months ago? No Strings Attached," someone says.

"No, no, no, not like that one; this one is different," Mozart replies, "because I'm in it."

He adds that he's also going to be in a drama "about a university student who starts a vast social network" playing "a young playboy who has fun at parties."

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When someone responds that it sounds like he'll be playing himself, Mozart replies that it will be "more complex than that" and will be "award-winning."

Asked what awards he might win, an exasperated Mozart replies: "I said it, I said IT will win awards. I didn’t say I will win them personally."

But it's an honor just to be nominated?

"Yeah, you'd think to be nominated for a Globe, at least, right?" Timberlake says into the camera.

Mozart adds that he also was in the Austrian Mouse Club when he was little (Timberlake got his big break on the Mickey Mouse Club.)

At the end, he promises to bring "sexy ... Bach" to the party.