Watch Katy Perry Celebrate Her Birthday by Casting Early Vote for Hillary Clinton

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Katy Perry

The pop star is scheduled to perform a free “Get Out The Vote” concert in Philadelphia on Nov. 5.

There were no balloons or cakes in sight when Katy Perry treated herself to an unconventional present on her 32nd birthday. The “Birthday” singer celebrated by casting an early vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Wearing a patriotic stars-and-stripes jacket with handbag combo, Perry visited a polling booth on her special day to exercise her democratic right ahead of the Nov. 8 U.S. election. She captured the moment on camera and posted it on her Instagram account. 

“Gave myself the best birthday present ever by voting today. Wish Hillary Clinton a happy birthday tomorrow with your early vote,” she wrote, sharing a link to the Rock The Vote’s registration form for first-time voters.

Perry’s support for Clinton’s doesn’t end at the polls. The pop superstar will perform a free “Get Out The Vote” concert in Philadelphia on Nov. 5 in support of Clinton’s presidential bid, having taken the grassroots course last Saturday when she took her message to the door of students at the UNLV campus. 

Perry performed at this summer's Democratic National Convention and headlined a Clinton event in Des Moines, Iowa last year.

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