Watch Kerry Washington and Jimmy Fallon Try to Tell Better Lies Than Each Other

Kerry Washington Tonight Show - H 2014

Plus: Denzel Washington is forced to watch his own movies by Lenny Kravitz

Jimmy Fallon routinely belittles his own acting chops — so it must be a daunting task to try to lie better than a perennial Emmy nominee.

But that's what he did Tuesday, when he challenged Scandal's Kerry Washington to a game of box of lies. Who came out on top? All we can say is spaghetti and a pumpkin were involved.

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On The Late Show, the world learned that Denzel Washington and Lenny Kravitz like to take boat trips together (who knew?). Watch it if for no other reason than to see the men rag on each other like siblings — and to hear what happened when Kravitz forced Washington to actually watch his own movies. Apparently, Washington only watches them once so he knows what he's talking about during press tours.