Watch Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Make an Unscripted Wedding Appearance

Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

The comedy duo happened to be in the neighborhood of an unsuspecting couple

Life apparently imitated art for a couple in Los Angeles, when Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, stars of the upcoming The Wedding Ringer, made an appearance at their wedding reception.

The comedy duo happened to be dressed to the nines at a photo shoot in West Hollywood last week when they learned there was a wedding nearby, according to Yahoo Movies.

The stars' seemingly well-choreographed visit was said to be captured by the wedding videographer. Watch Hart and Gad in action, below.

The Wedding Ringer is about a friendless groom (Gad) who contracts with a "professional best man" (Hart) and a motley crew of groomsmen-for-hire for his big day. The film launches Jan. 16.

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