Watch Kim Kardashian's Self-Deprecating Super Bowl Ad

Kim Kardashian Super Bowl Ad - H 2015

"Please help save the data."

Never let it be said that Kim Kardashian doesn't concern herself with important issues. Important issues like, is everyone using all of their cellphone data so that they can properly keep tabs on Kim K.'s outfits? Or is some of that precious data going to waste?

Kardashian successfully mocks herself — and her deep love of selfies — in her T-Mobile ad for the Super Bowl. The delivery of "tragic" was a nice touch.

Kardashian told USA Today that she'll be rooting for the New England Patriots during Sunday's game. As for Deflategate, she thinks that may be exaggerated. "They deserve the spot, and you know I don’t really know. … If it’s rumors that happened, if it’s fact or just if that’s really what happens," said Kardashian. "I’m excited to watch the game. I don’t really feed into all of that, sometimes I just think it’s hype.”