Watch Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Make Fun of Reporter Who Didn't See Their Film

The Skeleton Twins Sundance Film Still - H 2014

The Skeleton Twins Sundance Film Still - H 2014

As it turns out, it's good to do research before an interview

Not every celebrity interview goes off without a hitch. 

Denver entertainment reporter Chris Parente was interviewing Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig about their new film The Skeleton Twins when it became clear that Parente hadn't seen the film.

At that, both Saturday Night Live alums quickly pounced, delivering joke after joke at the reporter's expense. 

"Chris, this was live," Hader sarcastically reminded the reporter at the end of the interview. Hader also did a rather spot-on impression of the flustered journalist. 

Luckily, Parente was a good sport and seemed to take the jabs well. Whether he gets assigned to another high-profile interview anytime soon is another matter.

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