Watch Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart Show Edward R. Murrow Around Hollywood Home

Fabulously French

Plus, the late actress shows off a gift worth a whistle

As Hollywood mourned Lauren Bacall after the news of her death broke Tuesday night, CBS News resurfaced an old interview of the actress with her then-husband, Humphrey Bogart.

Speaking to Edward R. Murrow in the Sept. 3, 1954, edition of Person to Person, Bacall and Bogart took viewers inside their Hollywood home.

Bacall begins the interview, conducted via video, by showing off a special gift she received from Bogart, a bracelet with a whistle on it, in honor of their first movie, To Have and Have Not.

After joining Bogart in what looks like the living room or den, Bacall and her husband have a slight disagreement about New York.

Now living across the country, both are asked whether they miss New York and have the urge to do a Broadway show: They have opposing views.

Bogart also takes viewers on a brief tour of their home, including a room with paintings the couple bought in Paris.

"Over here is an empty room, and it's empty because we can't afford to furnish it, so we thought we'd just leave it empty like this," Bogart says.

The two conclude their visit with Murrow by showing off their 2-year-old kids: Stephen and Leslie.

Unfortunately the video can't be embedded, but you can watch it here.