Watch Liam Neeson in Jimmy Kimmel's 'Taken 4' (Exclusive)

The 'Taken 3' star reprises his role as Bryan Mills to search for Guillermo's — parking lot security guard turned Kimmel regular – missing dog, Paco.

Taken audiences, be ready to be taken aback.

Just when fans thought the most recent Liam Neeson-starring thriller (Taken 3) had been released, Jimmy Kimmel Live! pulls out a surprise.

On Wednesday night, Neeson joins Jimmy Kimmel on the late night talk show to help find Guillermo Rodriguez's — studio parking lot security guard turned program regular — missing pup, Paco, in "Taken 4."

"You need to listen to me very carefully," Neeson tells Rodriguez in the video. "One of your dogs has been taken."

Watch the clip to see if Neeson can find Pepe — err, Paco.

Taken 3 is the third film in which Neeson has starred in as Bryan Mills, a retired government operative.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs at 11:35 p.m. on ABC.