Watch London 'Back to the Future' Fans Live the Movie via Immersive Screenings

Back to the Future Still - H 2014
Courtesy Everett Collection

Back to the Future Still - H 2014

Travel back in time with Secret Cinema's video of its London event

Months after staging immersive screenings of Back to the Future in London, Secret Cinema has posted a short video taking those who couldn't secure tickets to the popular event back in time to 1955 and to the film's slightly more recent setting of 1985.

Secret Cinema completely re-created the film's 1955 version of Hill Valley and had actors dressed as the movie's characters reenact many scenes, including George McFly telling Lorraine he's her "density" and Lorraine being surprised by Marty (aka "Calvin Klein") at school. They even set up an Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

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The screenings seemed to feature live reenactments of several of the movie's impactful scenes in front of the big screen the movie was playing on, including George punching out Biff, and Doc's high-wire act toward the end of the film.

The event even included the actual time-travel moment, with Marty McFly racing around the streets in a DeLorean while being chased by angry Libyan nationalists, looking to retaliate after Doc stole their plutonium.

L.A.-based Back to the Future fans will be able to travel back in time next year, when a similar Secret Cinema screening of the film is planned to mark the movie's 30th anniversary.

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Check out the video below, and see what other Back to the Future Easter eggs you can spot, such as a history-altering sports almanac in the opening seconds.