Watch Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat" Video, Inspired By Katniss

Lorde Yellow Flicker Beat - H - 2014

Dance it out, Lorde

Lorde released her new music video for "Yellow Flicker Beat" as a present to her fans on her 18th birthday. (What a sweetie.)

The song was created for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 soundtrack that Lorde curated. The video is hauntingly beautiful, with Lorde donning multiple outfits in various locations including a swimming pool, a neon-lit motel room and a fancy ballroom. Try as one might to make this video have anything to do with The Hunger Games — is she wearing a white suit like Capitol Peeta? — the only real link to Katniss lies in Lorde's attitude.

Here's Lorde describing the music video in a note she published: 

"When i was dreaming it up, i wasn’t thinking too hard about story or a specific narrative, more a mood; a harsh, crackling heat. yellow flicker beat is about katniss realizing that things have crossed a line, about being pushed to the edge and right over it. my character in this video, whether she’s weaving her way through a decadent ballroom, hiding out in a grimy, neon-lit motel room (her hair ever-so-slightly dishevelled), or waiting in the night for her bus to come dressed in her whitest clothes, is a shapeshifter, full of intensity and impulse, kind of like katniss. whether she’s in a small space or a cavernous one, she’s fiery."

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