Like to Watch 'Mad Men?' Research Shows You're Liberal and Creative

Prefer "Dancing With the Stars" or "Glee" ? Find out what that means about you.

Creative people are 41 percent more likely to watch AMC's Mad Men than non creative people, according to psychographic ad targeter Mindset Media as picked up in Ad Age.

Fans of the 1950s-set advertising drama are also 124% more likely to be liberal. [pullquote]

Those who tune into Fox's Family Guy are 61% more likely to break rules; 50% are more likely to be risk takers.

If you watch Dancing With the Stars, you're more likely to play it safe, though, with 21% more likely to be traditionalists who respect authority and have their feet firmly grounded. Less creative people tend to tune into Biggest Loser, according to the study, but pragmatic people who work with what they've been given are 20% more likely to watch.

Open people who believe that imagination and intellectual pursuits equal a happy life are 24% more likely to watch Fox's Glee. Creative people are also 17% more likely to tune in.

Alpha dogs prefer NBC's The Office. Some 47% of its audience think they're superior than others.

Real Housewives of Orange County fans are "very advertising friendly" - leaders are 25% more likely to watch, and pugnacious people who are unafraid to tell others what they think are 33% more likely to tune in. Brands that resonate? Botox.

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