The Watch Nik Wallenda Wore on His Grand Canyon Walk

Nik Wallenda / JeanRichard Terrascope

Nik Wallenda wore a JeanRichard Terrascope watch during his history-making Grand Canyon tightrope walk.

Discovery Channel’s live broadcast of Nik Wallenda’s history-making tightrope walk across the Grand Canyon garnered 13 million viewers last Sunday.

While completing the 22-minute walk on a two-inch cable 1,500 feet above the gorge, Wallenda wore a JeanRichard Terrascope watch ($2,900). The stainless-steel 44 mm automatic sport watch is rugged and wearable for less strenuous everyday activity as well as feats of derring-do.

Wallenda is the latest ambassador to join the brand in its celebration of adventure, courage, and artistry. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the daredevil about the challenges of his incredible walk and his appreciation of fine timekeeping.

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The Hollywood Reporter: What makes the Grand Canyon walk different from any other you have done before? Any particular challenges?

Nik Wallenda: The height of the walk at 1,500 feet was nearly five times higher than my highest previous walk. Also, I typically walk a 5/8-inch cable, but due to the rigging requirements of this site, I walked the same 2-inch cable I used for Niagara Falls. But really, the biggest difference was definitely the varying winds, coming from multiple directions including up drafts, and ranging from a gentle breeze to gusts in the high 40s [mph].  

THR: Were you always interested in watches? If so, how did you become interested in watches? Are you a collector? 

NW: Actually, my interest in watches didn't start until I was older. It was my father-in-law who first got me interested, and he's really the connoisseur and has given me a few insights.

THR: What if anything draws you to watches, and is there a connection with what you do?

NW: As you might imagine, my life can be pretty fast-paced, and it's my personality to always be on time. It's just something that's always been important to me, so I'd say a precision quality watch, such as my JeanRichard Terrascope, can certainly play a part in keeping to that.