Watch Samuel L. Jackson as Machine Gun-Toting President in 'Big Game' Trailer

Big Game Samuel L. Jackson Still - H 2015

It's another film for the actor with a plane ride that doesn't go so well

Samuel L. Jackson is one commander in chief who doesn't mind throwing a punch or two in the trailer for the forthcoming action film Big Game.

Jackson stars as the U.S. president and finds himself stranded in the Finnish countryside after a terrorist attack takes down Air Force One. He then teams with a teenage boy to fend off the ruthless criminals who want him dead. 

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The trailer shows Jackson wielding a machine gun, knocking out a bad guy and swimming to reach the downed plane. 

Jalmari Helander wrote and directed the film, which has shades of Air Force One and White House Down. Jim Broadbent, Felicity Huffman and Ray Stevenson co-star.  

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Jackson — who knows a thing or two about starring in films about flights gone wrong, with Snakes on a Plane under his belt — can next be seen in Kingsman: The Secret Service, hitting theaters Feb. 13.

Big Game does not currently have a U.S. release date.