Watch Shania Twain's Anti-Family Violence PSA Video

Shania Twain
John Shearer/Invision/AP

Country star Shania Twain was dramatic in a floor-length black gown despite the desert heat.

The country star tells fans abuse, physical or emotional, "is never acceptable"

Shania Twain has released a public service announcement against family violence on YouTube.

The online video for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police's YouTube channel has the country music star warning "violence — especially in your own home — is never acceptable." Twain did the video in return for riding into the Calgary Stampede on horseback dressed in a full RCMP dress uniform.

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In the RCMP video, Twain, with images of domestic abuse projected over her shoulder, says "abuse is abuse," whether physical, sexual or emotional. She also tells viewers not to keep family violence a secret, and to report all incidents to the police.

The RCMP insists family violence accounts for 26 percent of police-reported violence crime. An avid lover of horses, Twain arrived on horseback in 2012 for a two-year headline gig at Caesars Palace.

The Canadian singer-songwriter has sold more than 75 million albums worldwide.