Stephen Colbert Is Hilariously Obsessed With the Apple Watch

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Let the wrist-communicating begin

Stephen Colbert has a history of being more than a little enthused about Apple products, and he had a full-on flip-out session about the Apple Watch that was unveiled yesterday. The Colbert Report host geeked out, throwing his arms up in the air and mocking all of the Mac fans who cheered for Tim Cook's big announcement.

"This thing right here is going to change the way you look at your wrist," says Colbert, joking about all of the "intimate ways to wrist-communicate." This was after he'd smashed his boring regular watch to pieces, of course.

His exuberance is very entertaining — but one thing we definitely won't be signing up for anytime soon? The "iBrazilian." Thanks though, Colbert.