Steve Harvey Hosts 'Tonight Show' Edition of 'Family Feud' With Jimmy Fallon, Annette Bening and The Roots

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Watch Fallon, Bening and Greta Gerwig (Team '20th Century Women') take on The Roots.

Steve Harvey has taken his hosting talents to late night.

In a special edition of Family Feud during Monday's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon led Team 20th Century Women with co-stars Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig as they faced off against The Roots (Questlove, Tarik and James). 

Harvey, who earlier that night surveyed the Tonight Show audience, presented the first round: "Name an animal that some people sound like when they laugh."

"Hyena" won Fallon the chance to play the round, but Bening and Gerwig failed the team with "parrot" and "cat," causing Fallon to try out an impression of a meow-laugh. 

The Roots guessed horse, leading to another animal impression of a horse's laugh, which James tried but failed at. "You’re a musician, how can you not make a sound?" Harvey joked. 

The teams faced off to "name a part of the body that often itches," which led to another questionable choice by Gerwig ("ankles") and a signature blank stare from Harvey: "You’re giving embarrassing answers. Some of your answers gotta have a possibility of being up there," he said. 

Bening's answer of "your butt" made Harvey want to push her limits. "This is a late-night show, Annette,” he said. 

“Should I go the other direction?” asked Bening. "Your ass," she clarified. 

When it came time for Gerwig to answer again, Harvey tried to give her a pep talk. "You've got a great career, you’re in movies, don’t even worry about this.”  

But he was proud of her answer, “your head,” which won her team the round. The final round to decide winner was Christmas-themed. 

Watch the game below.