Watch Tesla's "Merry Model X-mas" Video

The three-minute video features a brace of Model X SUVs flashing their lights and waving their falcon doors to holiday music.

Tesla Motors doesn't advertise and it participates in auto trade shows only sporadically, but the upstart electric carmaker is without peer in keeping its name before the public.

To wit: this video Christmas card the company uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday without comment, featuring three of Tesla's Model X SUVs flashing their lights and raising and lowering their signature falcon doors in time to frantic holiday music.  

Besides putting the Model X into production this autumn after years of delays, Tesla had another reason to celebrate this week: On Monday, the first stage of a $60 million Falcon 9 rocket from its SpaceX division made a successful landing at Cape Canaveral, Fla., after previous attempts failed.

The landing was lauded by scientists as a significant step in the development of reusable rockets, which would greatly reduce the cost of space travel and help make plausible Elon Musk's campaign to colonize Mars.