Watch the Times Square New Year's Eve Celebration Live

Times Square 2014 - H 2015
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Times Square 2014 - H 2015

Pop songstress Bebe Rexha will continue the tradition of singing John Lennon's "Imagine," along with more hit singles.

Pop singer Bebe Rexha and alt-pop band lovelytheband are set to headline this year's Times Square New Year's Eve celebration, an annual event that brings musical performances, holiday festivities and an abundance of lively activity to the Big Apple.

Times Square Alliance and Countdown Entertainment, co-organizers of New Year’s Eve in Times Square, is streaming the event, which will be hosted for the seventh time by Allison Hagendorf, global head of rock at Spotify. 

Headlining the commercial-free webcast and TV pool feed, Rexha will continue the New Year's Eve tradition of performing John Lennon's "Imagine" moments before midnight, as well as her own songs "Meant to Be" and "I'm a Mess" from her debut album, Expectations, which received two 2019 Grammy Award nominations. She will also perform "Me, Myself & I," a collaboration with G-Eazy. 

Lovelytheband, who formed in Los Angeles in 2016, are scheduled to perform their songs "Broken," "These Are My Friends" and "Maybe I'm Afraid."

Additional performers include dance crew The Lab and The USO Show Troupe, a group of entertainers who perform annual shows to service members all over the world. Univision will reveal two final musical guests by the end of the month. 

For the hourly countdown to midnight, Hagendorf will be joined on stage by a special guest who will share his or her New Year's Eve experience. 

Street correspondents Andrea Boehlke and Jeremy Hassell will provide backstage interviews in the lead-up to when the clock strikes midnight. 

The Times Square 2019 webcast will kick off at 6 p.m. ET on Dec. 31 and end at 12:15 a.m. ET. Watch the 10th annual webcast below.