Watch Tom Cruise Almost Get Hit by a Bus While Filming in London

Tom Cruise Waving - H 2014
AP Images/Invision

Tom Cruise Waving - H 2014

Crosswalks prove a mission impossible

Famed for doing all of his own stunts, Tom Cruise isn't afraid of much — well, when it's a controlled environment, at least. 

The Edge of Tomorrow star almost came a cropper, as Londoner's would say, when he was out filming scenes for Mission Impossible 5 in the city, almost walking into the path of an oncoming red double-decker bus. 

Thankfully, the bus driver swerved and blew his horn and Cruise had the presence of mind to retreat to the curb. 

Cruise is set to play secret agent Ethan Hunt for the fifth time, with the as yet untitled MI5 due to be released in December 2015. 

Jack Reacher director Christopher McQuarrie will direct Cruise and the film will star Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin and Rebecca Ferguson.