Watch Tony Hawk Ride a Real 'Back to the Future'-Style Hoverboard

Tony Hawk Hoverboard H 2014

Get ready for your mind to be blown

Back to the Future II promised us much, but what we all dearly wanted was a hoverboard. Well, the video below suggests that the wait is almost over. 

The mighty steed you see legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk mount is a real, working hoverboard. Yes, it hovers. Off the ground. For real.

Created by Hendo, the hoverboard is self-propelled, using four disk-shaped magnets that create an electromagnetic field, which generates the one-inch lift.

Hendo recently started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $250,000 to manufacture the first few hoverboards. The company has already raised almost half a million with 24 days still to go.

As for buying one of these boards, Hendo is already taking pre-orders, but it will set you back $10,000, so you'd better start saving now.