Watch Vince Vaughn Taunt Jimmy Fallon in Game of Box of Lies

Vince Vaughn on Tonight Show - H 2016
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"Tonight, it's personal," Vaughn said on 'The Tonight Show' on Thursday.

Vince Vaughn certainly has a competitive spirit when it comes to late-night games. 

The actor appeared on The Tonight Show on Thursday and played a friendly game of Box of Lies with host Jimmy Fallon, but things got tense right off the bat. 

Vaughn taunted Fallon while the host explained the rules, then told the audience, "You guys know I like to accommodate the audience, but tonight it's personal," as he chose a strategic box number for his first move. After Fallon took awhile trying to guess, Vaughn put his head down and told Fallon, "I'll be here when you're ready." 

In the end Vaughn was a fair competitor, calling Fallon "the champ" as they both took a bow. 

Watch the full video below.