NBA Awards: Will Ferrell and Drake Become Handshake Coaches

Drake, Will Ferrell NBA Awards sketch - H 2017

Ferrell joined the evening's host to demonstrate handshakes for NBA stars to practice, from "The Jenga" to "The Prom."

Before the first annual NBA Awards got officially underway, Drake and Will Ferrell decided to help out a select team on one special skill: the handshake. 

Drake, also the host for the evening, was joined by Ferrell for a sketch that opened the awards show, which aired Monday on TNT. The "handshake specialist" and "dexterity technician" stopped by a practice to lend their expertise. 

"After a clutch shot, the crowd wants to see you shaking hands, right?" Drake said. "They want to know you're really friends."

The duo demonstrated some of their best handshakes, including "The Jenga," "The Gossip Queen," the very special "Obi Wan Kenobi" and, of course, "The Prom," which Ferrell pointed out was "one of the more sophisticated ones." 

Watch the full sketch below.