Watch Woody Harrelson's Shocked Reaction Upon Learning Liam and Chris Hemsworth Are Brothers

Liam Hemsworth Woody Harrelson - H 2014

The 'Hunger Games' actor could not be more baffled by Liam's revelation

Woody Harrelson is not one to jump to conclusions about two people who happen to have the same last name.

In a Hunger Games press junket interview from last year that's now going viral, Harrelson is shocked when the interviewer informs him that actors Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth are related.

"I honestly never put that together," Harrelson tells the interviewer as his Mockingjay co-star Liam, who is sitting beside him, cracks up.

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"They have the same last name — of course, I should have thought of it," Harrelson reasons. "It never even occurred to me." 

The genealogy discussion can be seen below, where you can observe Harrelson's humorous compliment about Liam and Chris.

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