Watchmaker Richard Mille Creates a Timepiece for Jackie Chan

Mille’s unique watch will be auctioned in September to benefit Chan’s charity, Dragon’s Heart Foundation.

Upscale watchmaker Richard Mille has designed a unique timepiece in support of Jackie Chan’s Dragon’s Heart Foundation.
Dragon’s Heart was founded in 2004 by the Rush Hour actor, to help children and the elderly in poor and remote areas of China, by building schools and aiding the handicapped. Mille—a longtime friend of the actor—created a special RM 055 JC tourbillon for the charitable group. In April, Chan attended the opening of a new Richard Mille store in Shanghai. 

The white gold timepiece with a white rubber strap includes the charity’s logo—representing Chan holding the hands of two children—placed at the heart of the movement. The words "Foundation Jackie Chan" are written on the back of the watch along with the actor’s emblem: a stamped dragon. The RM 055 JC features a manual winding tourbillon with hours, minutes, power reserve indicator (circa 70h), torque indicator and function selector. Similiar tourbillon styles sell for upwards of $300,000.

The Mille design will be on sale at a benefit auction September 14, in Beijing.