'Water Warriors' Trailer Previews Canada's Anti-Fracking Outcry (Exclusive Video)

"Every day, people were waking up and saying, 'How am I gonna fight today?'"

The people of New Brunswick are fired up to fight in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive trailer for Water Warriors.

The documentary short recounts a community’s successful fight to protect their water from the oil and natural gas industry. In 2013, the citizens of the Canadian province — including members of the Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq First Nation, French-speaking Acadians and white, English-speaking families — joined to prevent Texas-based SWN Resources' exploration of the region, which is known for its forestry, farming and fishing industries. Their resistance halted drilling and led to the election of a new government and an indefinite moratorium on fracking in the area.

"They're not gonna stop, and neither are we," says one resident in the trailer. "We have to fight for this Earth because there isn't another one. This is the only planet that we have."

Michael Premo directed the short, which is screening at the Tribeca Film Festival.