WB courting int'l producers to buy 'Bachelor'

Romanian version recently launched No. 1 in its time period

Warner Bros.' international TV production unit will be courting foreign producers to say yes to localizing the format of its reality franchise "The Bachelor" during next week's MIPCOM TV trade show in Cannes.
The focus on getting more localized versions up and running of "The Bachelor" is indicative of Warners' stepped-up strategy to be a key player in the international non-scripted game the way it already is with primetime drama and sitcoms.

"The Bachelor" recently launched in a customized version in Romania, where it ranked No. 1 in its time period on Antena 1 and improved the channel's audience share by +125% during its run this summer.

The development and production of local versions will be supervised for Warner Bros. intl. TV Production by Ronald Goes, E VP of International Television Production, and Andrew Zein, S VP of Creative Format Development and Sales.
" 'The Bachelor' has been a strong performer around the globe, both in its U.S. finished version and in local-language versions," said Zein. "The strong emotional content and universally accessible concept -- everyone can relate to looking for love -- make it perfect for broadcasters around the world."

The show begins its 15th installment on ABC this season.
To date, WBITVP has launched 20 local versions of both "The Bachelor" and its spinoff "The Bachelorette," in territories ranging from Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands and Israel.