WB Interactive to open Montreal game studio

Government offered Burbank studio $7.5 million incentive

TORONTO -- Warner Bros. Interactive is to open a video game studio in Montreal.

Plans for the WB Games Montreal facility to produce locally interactive games and 3D projects were unveiled Monday by Warner Bros. Interactive president Martin Tremblay during a press conference with local politicians, including Quebec premier Jean Charest, in Montreal.

The proposed studio aims to eventually employ around 300 artists by 2015.

To entice Warner Bros. to Quebec, the provincial government offered a $7.5 million grant to the Burbank-based studio, in addition to tax credits and other lucrative subsidies.

Montreal's video game industry is already under-pinned by a large presence by French interactive games producer Ubisoft.

Neighboring Ontario last year pledged to invest $226 million over 10 years to enable Ubisoft to open a Toronto development studio, with 800 jobs.
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