WBTV's fare finds slew of digital homes


Warner Bros. Television Group said Thursday that its content will be distributed through branded channels on Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh Networks.

The channels will include fare from theWB.com and KidsWB.com and other series from the Warner Bros. collection, with titles to be revealed later.

The new partners will launch their WB channels in mid- September and join AOL and Comcast's Fancast and VOD platforms, which also have branded channels. Facebook has an application for theWB.com as well.

Announced in April and targeting the 16-34 demo, theWB.com is a reimagining of the WB television network, which was shuttered in 2006. It is now in beta and presents such shows from the channel as "Gilmore Girls" and "Smallville" and Warners productions that aired on other networks, including "Friends" and "Veronica Mars."

In addition to the two channels, WBTVG and the new partners will launch a Classics WBTV channel, which will feature episodes of "landmark" WB series, and a Sci Fi channel. Titles for these channels are to be determined.

WBTVG and its partners also will present original shortform content on theWB.com. Writer-producer Josh Schwartz and director-producer McG have signed to create projects for the destination.

KidsWB.com features a virtual world revolving around Warner Bros. cartoon characters. It was announced last year under the name T-Works.(partialdiff)