'We Are the Nobles' Sequel in the Works (Exclusive)

Karla Souza and Luis Gerardo Mendez in "We are the Nobles."

The Warner Bros. release is Mexico's all-time box office champ, reaching $26 million after 15 weeks in theaters.

MEXICO CITY – Writer-director Gary “Gaz” Alazraki is developing a sequel to the hit comedy We Are the Nobles, Mexico’s highest-grossing film.

Alazraki, a USC film school graduate, couldn’t have asked for a more successful directorial debut. We Are the Nobles (Nosotros los Nobles) has raked in about $26 million after 15 weeks in theaters, shattering the previous record of $13.5 million held by the Gael Garcia Bernal-starrer The Crime of Father Amaro.

Released by Warner Bros., Nobles centers on three spoiled children who are cut off from their family fortune and forced to do the unthinkable – get a job.

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It’s no accident that the film has performed so well. Alazraki comes from an advertising background (his family owns one of the most prestigious ad agencies in Mexico), and he went to great lengths to promote the film ahead of its March release.

“Many people were already familiar with the movie and its main characters before the release,” he said. “It was crucial to the success of the film.” The story had many folks talking about Mexico’s social class divide, a hot-button topic in a nation where more than half of the people live in poverty. “It’s all about how Mexico is trying to find an identity when there’s such a big division between the rich and the poor,” Alazraki said.

The follow-up, which Alazraki is penning with Nobles co-writer Adrian Zurita, also will focus on economic disparity in Mexican society.