Weather Channel Correspondent Gets Emotional While Reporting on Joplin, Mo. Tornado (Video)

Mike Bettes, a member of the “Chase Team,” appeared surprised to see the devastation that killed 89.

Weather Channel correspondent Mike Bettes got emotional on-air while reporting on the devastating tornado in Joplin, Mo. that killed at least 89 people.

Bettes and his crew are part of The Weather Channel's "Chase Team," and they've spent much of the past few months traveling around the country reporting on the back-to-back weather disasters.

But Bettes was visibly disturbed by the destruction in the small missouri town, about 150 miles south of Kansas City. The half-mile wide tornado hit Joplin at 6 p.m., leaving in its wreckage homes, a high school, a firehouse -- and the St. John' Medical Center, which had been treating those injured in the storm.

Bettes continued to broadcast live from Missouri Sunday. A livestream was played on, and during cut-ins on MSNBC. (The Weather Channel is part-owned by NBC.)

In coverage elsewhere, Piers Morgan Tonight was pre-empted with live coverage on CNN, and Fox News has been featuring the tornado with news cut-ins.