When Weather Hurts Boxoffice

Stan Honda/AFP

Mother Nature’s mood swings make grosses heat up or go cold.

In big cities, where not everyone has air conditioning, extremely hot weather leads to higher attendance. It’s no wonder theater owners crank up the AC when showing summer tentpoles.

On the East Coast, rain drives people to theaters, but West Coasters stay home during downpours. A December deluge hurt Tron: Legacy and Yogi Bear in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, where grosses were comparatively light Dec. 17-19.

Slick is never good. Dallas is typically among the top five performing markets in the country. But icy road conditions Feb. 4 helped it slide to No. 10 that weekend, hurting films like The Roommate and Sanctum.

It depends on the depth of the accumulation (and road conditions). The volume of snow during the Jan. 28-30 frame caused Boston and Philadelphia to essentially shut down, taking a big bite out of films including The Rite and The Mechanic.