Web content, syndie style

TitanTV aim: bolster affils' sites


LAS VEGAS -- Online content company TitanTV is introducing a new syndication model that it is positioning as "King World for the Internet."

TitanTV is pitching a roster of professionally produced content and an embeddable video player to local TV affiliates for their Web sites. The selling point: Just as King World provided programming like "Wheel of Fortune" for affiliates to fill their airtime, TitanTV will do the same for driving traffic to their online homes.

"Now with the major networks monopolizing programming for their Web sites, local television stations are facing a whole new set of problems," TitanTV founder and CEO Jack Perry said. "What we are doing now at TitanTV with our online video player and free original content can help affiliates both compete and succeed in the digital space."

Programming ranges from such syndicated fare as "Jury Duty" and "Animal Rescue" to original programming produced by TitanTV. The model also allows content produced by one local station to be repurposed by another in a different market.